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Let’s Start Fires

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Wanz – Thrift Shop (LowRIDERz Remix)

Drop It Nasty

Drop It Nasty (Instrumental)

You Can’t Catch Me


Warrior (Dark Dub)




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Note Noise Review of the Ignition EP

“After a string of sold out shows, a brief stint in the NY Time, LowRIDERz release their highly anticipated release, the Ignition EP. Auberon Shull lends her fiercely Indie hip hop cross over vocals to this release to great effect. We guarantee you will not be able to get her…

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Lowriderz, as the name would suggest, know a little something about bass music. Quickly carving out a slot as one of bass music’s up and coming “supergroups”, this trio of bass music veterans, An-Ten-Nae, Laura Low and Auberon weave their own blend of deep dance floor grooves and clapping bass technology. They have perfected the art of ultra low frequencies that ride dance floors into a level of submission that would have even the most reserved and conservative audiences feeling the low-end pull of gravity towards uninhibited bliss. They all have their own history as part of the summer festival culture in addition to multiple national headline dates. Now, as a new year comes into view, the duo of DJ Laura and An-Ten-Nae with Auberon joining for select concert dates, the live show turns laser focus on innovative production elements, fashioning a unique sound and captivating stage show that incorporates the best elements of the current explosion of hip-hop influenced hybrid electronic music with live vocals and a dazzling dance and stage performance. Lowriderz provide a fresh approach to a classic feel – the sounds find a common meeting ground that leaves audiences with one expression in mind…”Get up! Get low!”

An-Ten-Nae, the mind inhabiting the body of Adam Ohana, has been prerequisite listening for anyone looking to understand the San Francisco DJ scene for many years. A pioneer in several different bass music subcultures, (Trip Hop, Glitch, Dubstep), he went on to fashion what has become his distinct sound in electronic music, Acid Crunk a mash-up oriented genre, defined by it’s tendency to straddle many other music cultures and a refusal to settle into the pigeon holed groove where many other dance genres find themselves over time. An-Ten-Nae has also staked a claim as one of the Bay Area’s most influential and prolific promoters booking and promoting the now legendary 1015 Folsum spot that is a mecca, and required billing for any electronic artist looking to establish credibility on the West Coast. An-Ten-Nae has worked to cultivate experience as a scene and style innovator, not just a producer. This lends a sense of place and history to the new sound that is Lowriderz.

Laura Low, also known as DJ Laura, has swiftly cut her way through bass music’s underground bass scene. Shaping her sound during what is arguably the most important and prominent period in San Francisco’s history of hybrid electronic music culture, she has already shared the national stage with Bassnectar, Glitch Mob, Mimosa, Marty Party, Panty Raid, Eskmo and the likes. Laura Low has now turned her eyes and ears toward production and brings the Lowriderz an energy forged in hyphy 808s and melodic rolling dubs effectively merging the two most influential San Francisco sounds into one cohesive, hip-grinding bass experience.

Auberon Shull, or simply Auberon, brings a visual element to select live performances that is too often overlooked in the flash in the pan, seizing video and installation reliant productions that permeate bass music cultures nowadays. She is known for dancing with Beats Antique and broadens her musical expression by lending the vocal elements to the Lowriderz‘ sound in the studio. Quite literally a performer before she walked, Auberon has a degree in dance and is a student of multiple dance forms, from classic to contemporary, including: ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and breakdancing, as well as experience with Circus performance. She also serves as chief performer and art director for El Circo, one of San Francisco’s most prominent avant-garde performance groups. This humanist and carnivalesque background (combined with a natural radiance) leaves audiences stunned – with a sense of the mystical rooted in a very tangible dance floor experience.

Accompanying Lowriderz in the studio and on larger live performances is fellow San Francisco based producer, Lemurr. With an impressive cadre of remixes and tastes that go well beyond the typical in electronic music, Lemurr adds his distinctiveness to the collective sound and brings forth a musical background that has enhanced the evolution of Lowriderz.

Lowriderz have both the experience and future vision to move dance music culture forward in 2013. They bring a rich and lush overall impression to the table that promises to invigorate hybrid electronic music at a time when popular culture is putting constraints on the creativity and sonic exploration that have defined electronic music throughout its history. Similar to so many other past influential artists, Lowriderz have made a study of their craft, and are now poised to promote an electrifying change in music once again.



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